A JS library for your client store, server querying, database management

Simple API

From the client to the server, every aspect of the API is designed to be minimal and abstract a lot of boilerplate away.

    .then(data => set({ messages: data.response }))
    .catch(error => console.log(error))

Client Side Store

  set({ username: 'didrio', id: 1 })

  const username = get('username')

A single, central store that triggers React renders when updated from any component.

Single Server Endpoint

All server communication is handled through a single Web Socket connection without the need for RESTful routes.

    .then(data => set({ messages: data.messages }))
    .catch(error => console.log(error))

  run('postMessage', { message: 'ok', userid: 1 })

SQL And More

  const actions = {
    getMessages: {
      action: 'SELECT * FROM posts'
    getWeather: {
      action: (resolve, reject, request) => { 
        fetch(request.url, (error, response, body) => { 
          if (error) reject(error); 
          else resolve(body);

Server actions can be SQL query strings or just arbitrary functions that call to any API, and the response automatically gets sent back to the client.

Client Subscriptions

Clients can listen for server actions triggered by other clients, allowing for real-time data updates.

  on('getMessages', data => set('messages', data.messages))


Time Travel Debugging

Since the client store is built upon Redux, the Redux DevTools work out of the box.

Getting Started


  npm install react-agent --save

  import { Agent } from 'react-agent'

      <App />
  , document.querySelector('#root'))

Node / Express

  npm install react-agent-server --save

  const agent = require('react-agent-server') 

  const server = app.listen(3000) 
  const actions = { 
    getMessages: { 
      action: 'SELECT * FROM posts' 

  const database = { 
    name: 'react', user: 'agent', password: 'ra', 
    dialect: 'postgres', host: 'db.com', port: 3421 
  agent(server, actions, database)

Our Team

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